New Glasses

I have worn glasses before. I had them for a short period of time since I got tired of wearing them, and I felt like I don't need them anymore. A few days ago my mom and I went out to get our eyes checked, and it turned out that I need to wear glasses again. I have this optical defect called "astigmatism", so I need to wear glasses for at least six months. I get to pick a new frame since my old frame is too small! I always have a problem with sunglasses and eyeglasses, whenever I smile my cheeks hits the bottom lenses and my eyelashes touch the lenses when I blink. I tried out a few glasses and I instantly fell in love with the clubmaster frame by Ray Ban. I have always wanted a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, and the clubmaster frame is perfect! My cheeks and my eyelashes doesn't touch the lenses. Compared to other Ray Bans, these glasses are a bit heavy. It leaves a red mark on my nose where the nose pad sits when I have it on for a long time. That is the only thing I don't like about the clubmaster frame... But over all, I'm happy with my new glasses and I'm excited to have the lenses changed to tinted ones when I don't need glasses anymore!


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