Since my last post was a bit of a throwback, I thought I might share something more appropriate this time of the year. New beginnings.

"New year, new you." I've been hearing that phrase everywhere lately. It is again, time for resolutions that are not mostly fulfilled by many throughout the year. Which is embarrassingly true for me as well. I have been promising myself the same old list of resolutions since the past three years, and doing the same now.

With the influence of a few television shows that I have been "binge watching" lately, I decided to take all my thoughts into writing this year. I am going to fill in the "Thoughts and Life" categories in my blog.
I don't consider myself a "good" writer. The only time I felt like one was when I got a B on my The Crucible essay when not many of the class did not (that I know of). I have always struggled to put my thoughts together into paper or in this case, a blog post. There are times when I have a ton of ideas, but I just don't know how to connect the pieces. Writing my thoughts and my life to share to whoever reads my blog is going to be a huge step for me.

"Don't be afraid." That is what I need to tell myself over and over again. I need to be fearless. I need to be brave enough to face whatever challenges are there for me in the future. Growing up, I have been dependent to my family and my friends. But now that I am turning 18 this year, I need to face my biggest fear.

"Open your mind." This year might be a year filled with new opportunities and new people. I just learned that you got to live in the moment, and to not lose your head. Life's short, right? I got to open my heart and my mind to the world to fully experience what it feels like to actually live.

Those are three of the most important things that I must accomplish this year. I hope that doing these will make me a better person and a happier one too. I am going to do (and not try) my best, and complete this list this year and to the years to come. I'm ready, 2014.

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