Hawaii // Thanksgiving Break 2013

I know Thanksgiving was so long ago, but I am working on a new year's resolution. I gotta keep this blog updated and I couldn't think of anything to share but this long overdue blog post on my Thanksgiving in Waikiki, Hawaii. We stayed at a nice hotel (WiFi kinda sucked and the building is kinda old, but it was OKAY) by Waikiki Beach and the fancy shopping street in Waikiki. It was my first time in Hawaii and I didn't expect Japanese translations everywhere. It was cool! 

The photo on the left is our view from our hotel room. There is a live band that plays by the pool every night and a lot of wooden torches were lit by the beach. It was beautiful. I wasn't sure what the building (photo on the right) is. I think it is a fancy hotel or resort? Since there were limousines waiting outside every now and then.

There was a lot of Hawaiian inscriptions on the sidewalk around Waikiki. I enjoyed walking the streets and looking for new words to learn and take photos of. It is really smart to put Hawaiian words/phrases on the streets filled with tourists.

During our stay in Hawaii, like always, I picked up a new bead for my Pandora bracelet. I chose a super cute silver pineapple bead and it is now my favorite charm. I do have a picture of it, but I can't find it on my phone and camera. I must have deleted it, and I am too lazy to take my camera out and take a couple of good photos of my bracelet. 

Another "exciting" experience in Hawaii was Brandy Melville's Black Friday Sale. I told myself to not go and just buy the stuff I liked and forget about the 30% off. But my parents kinda convinced me to go since we're staying till Sunday. The sale started at 12 midnight and ended 12am the next day. From our hotel, we walked a couple of blocks to the store at 10pm, Thursday night. When we got there, there was a really long line outside the store and we kind of debated on standing in line or to just forget about it. I said "YOLO" (just kidding) and we stood in line for four hours. My brother hated me. Haha! The most annoying thing happened when we came back on Friday afternoon when the store was almost empty (with people) and they were still full of merchandise. 

So that was my Thanksgiving break in Hawaii. I am looking forward to going back and actually swim and enjoy the beach. I am thankful for everything. My family, friends, and this new year to improve myself.

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