San Francisco // July 2014

Last week, we visited the Bay Area to see my cousins. A trip to the Bay is not complete without going to the city. So we spent a day walking around the crowded streets of San Francisco. 

We first stopped by the Golden Gate bridge. We took a ton of photos and froze ourselves on the top of a hill. After that, we drove to the famous Fisherman's Warf by the pier, and headed to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. I ordered something different that time (Rasta Pasta) and was so happy with it. I was with my little cousins at the restaurant and they were excited with all the animals and the "thunderstorms" that goes on inside. Overall, everyone enjoyed lunch. After a good lunch, we walked down the street to Pier 39, where the sea lions were. There were not a lot of them since I heard that most of them are moving to Monterey? I am not sure. Anyway, we strolled through the shops at Pier 39 and did a little bit of shopping. I bought a California Republic flag which is now hanging in my room, a couple of shirts, and an Alex & Ani San Francisco Giants bracelet! I have been eyeing that bracelet for the longest time, and I finally got it! We then decided to not stay long at San Francisco since it was getting dark and colder. So we hit the road back to the East Bay around 5pm and everyone had a smile on their face. 

Here are a few snaps from my trip.

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