Fall Trend: Chunky Boots

I bought these during my short stay in Dallas, Texas a few days ago. I immediately fell in love when I spotted it from the store's window. It has a 2.5 inch heel, it's a chelsea-boot style, and it comes in two colors (black and white). These boots are really comfortable to walk in, they are not heavy at all. Although, I have a few problems with it. My ankles are really skinny so it kinda looks funny on me. But I think thick, cute ankle socks will do the trick. Also, I don't know what to wear with these... I should've probably thought about that before I bought them. But they're too cute to not to buy!

Internet Detox

Sometimes I want to disconnect myself from the Internet. 

I have been thinking about this before I even joined Instagram and Twitter, back when all I had was Facebook. The idea of being connected to family and friends, and being updated with world events, sounds very essential. But I have been overthinking about a few things about being connected that I don't really enjoy. 

It seems like my whole world revolves around the updates and the amount of likes or comments my posts get. I find myself unlocking my phone every 5 minutes just to check if someone messaged me or I just keep scrolling down to refresh my screen for new updates. I am so attached to my phone like it is the source of life. I can not even walk out of my front door without my phone in my pocket. This whole thing doesn't seem right. I really would like to try what I would like to call an "internet detox". Just to kind of rehabilitate myself with my connectivity addiction. Ironically, I feel like I am missing a lot of things going on. I am connected to the Internet, but I am disconnected with the real life. 

Something To Be Thankful For

Although I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude. First of all, I am thankful for my family, my friends, and the wonderful memories I share with them. I am thankful for my everyday tasks and responsibilities, because they remind me that I have a purpose. I am thankful for the challenges I encounter, because these challenges prepares me for the future. Finally, I am thankful that I am alive.

Happy Thanksgiving!

About My New Name

About My New Name

  • November 25, 2014

Hello there. I have spent the past four days of my Thanksgiving break procrastinating with my college applications. I have been busy writing college essays and I just feel like I am mentally drowning in words. But anyway, I finally submitted my applications today so I am feeling quite free. 

There are some changes in my little Internet space today. I really wanted a bit of a "fresh" start since I am not quite sure about how I feel about my blog. Why "Snaps and Pixels"? It took me about an hour to figure out what to rename my blog. I listed out some of the things I enjoy the most, and photography is number one. So I thought of words that kind of build up photography -- snaps and pixels. I also changed my blog's template. I went for a very simple and clean design with a pop of color with the social media icons on the right. Overall, I am really happy with how my blog looks!

For my blog's content, it will still be the same.
Thanks for reading.

Life Update No1: Friends, Bastille, and College Applications


It has been a quite a while since I last posted something on my blog. So I apologize in advance if this blog post is going to be messy. But one of my friends reminded me about blogging and I realized how much I missed spilling my thoughts into a blank space (haha get it? Blank Space!).

I am now more than two months into my senior year, and I can definitely feel the pressure of college applications and graduation. But in the last 2 months, I have met amazing new people and I have experienced new things. 

I attended a local Oktoberfest with my new friends in September. I know, "Why did you go to an Oktoberfest in September?" I really do not know... It was my first time and it was a night of dancing to live German music, eating German food, and drinking tons of Dr. Pepper (we were not allowed to drink beer). Around the spooky days of October, my friends and I went out one evening to go to the local haunted grounds. It was the most scariest thing I have ever done in my life! Anyway, the experience was worth the $20 ticket because it was really scary (at least for me). On Halloween night, I dressed up as Lilo from Disney's Lilo and Stitch to hang out with my friends and watch The Conjuring for the first time. It was a fun experience because my friends were so terrified and I just enjoyed laughing at their priceless reactions. Finally, November, I attended my first and last high school homecoming dance with the same awesome group of friends. The songs were bad except for a few Beyonce throwbacks, but I had a blast because I spent it with the people I love. Also, I spotted a freshman girl wearing the same dress I was wearing! So that happened... The 7th of November is still stuck in my head. It was the night we watched Bastille play their amazing music. I still re-watch the videos I took during the concert. They were so perfect, I cannot say more.

Now, I'm occupied with college applications left and right. I feel so pressured with all the responsibilities, that I don't know how to continue filling out applications. My college application deadline is so close that I have got to send them soon. I plan on getting things done before Thanksgiving break so I can finally have some time for myself and my family. (Yeah, I can do this!!!)

So these are the things I've done in the past two months. What have you done this fall?

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