Internet Detox

Sometimes I want to disconnect myself from the Internet. 

I have been thinking about this before I even joined Instagram and Twitter, back when all I had was Facebook. The idea of being connected to family and friends, and being updated with world events, sounds very essential. But I have been overthinking about a few things about being connected that I don't really enjoy. 

It seems like my whole world revolves around the updates and the amount of likes or comments my posts get. I find myself unlocking my phone every 5 minutes just to check if someone messaged me or I just keep scrolling down to refresh my screen for new updates. I am so attached to my phone like it is the source of life. I can not even walk out of my front door without my phone in my pocket. This whole thing doesn't seem right. I really would like to try what I would like to call an "internet detox". Just to kind of rehabilitate myself with my connectivity addiction. Ironically, I feel like I am missing a lot of things going on. I am connected to the Internet, but I am disconnected with the real life. 

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