Senior Prom 2015

Last Saturday (18th of April), I attended my senior prom. It was a very fun and memorable night that was well spent with people I love. 

Around 6pm my prom group, the "PROMeranians", met at a very small beautiful church to take our group photos. The weather was nice. It was a bit cloudy which made the lighting perfect for outdoor portraits. All of us showed up in our very fancy prom dresses and our painfully beautiful pairs of heels (which we very quickly took off at the dance). After taking pictures, we drove to our friend's house to have a little hangout with sparkling cider and a few snacks until we leave to go to the prom. Our prom started at 8pm and we wanted to arrive fashionably late because we thought that was what the cool kids would do (haha!). At the prom, there were food, drinks, a very tight dance floor, very pretty decorations (our theme was New Orleans Jazz), a photo booth, and two caricature artists. The music was honestly very poor. The DJ played the same songs over and over, and he didn't really take requests which really annoyed a lot of people. But overall experience was amazing!

I know most teenage girls have been or are waiting for their own prom night. But I'll tell you... It is definitely not like the movies at all (I guess for me it wasn't). For prom, I didn't have a date. I had DATES. These lovely ladies were my dance partners and my girlfriends. We danced through the awkward slow songs and the heart-racing songs that makes you throw your hands up in the air. 

Have you ever gone to prom? How was your experience?
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