Manila // July 2015

During the last two weeks, I was in Manila, Philippines. 
The last time I was there before my trip was two years ago, which I think was a long time. When I was there, I celebrated my 19th birthday (in which I had a blog post on yesterday), I caught up with some old friends from my old school, and I spent quality time with my relatives. I didn't really do anything "touristy" because I didn't have enough time to go anywhere and Manila traffic is so bad.

Photo captions: The second and third photos were taken during my birthday dinner. In the photos are my friends from my old school. The last photo is taken from my nephew's first birthday. In that photo, I am with my cousins Shyr and Kaye. My cousin Shyr has a blog which I will like right here: Shyr's Blog, where she posts her random thoughts about life (she also travels a lot!).

My stay in Manila was really short and I really wished I could stay a bit longer.
(Also I met a celebrity on my flight back to Houston. I was sitting 5 feet away from JR Smith from the Cavaliers during my flight)


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