Fujifilm NEO Classic

Few of my instax photos that I have collected from friends. The last one was taken with my own camera.
I know that I'm really late with the instant camera/polaroid trend. But I really had to think about it before I spend my money on this camera. The film for these things are so expensive! It's almost $1 per photo. Although, it makes the photos feel special because you really have to stop and think if the moment/photo is worth capturing. 

What I have is the Fujifilm NEO Classic Instax Mini 90 in black. I bought mine for $149.99 at a Sam's Club. It came with 40 exposures which I think was a pretty good deal. I haven't played around with the features yet because I just literally bought it. I'll just probably turn to YouTube for tutorials instead of reading the manual haha.

What are your thoughts on instant cameras?


  1. Yeah! The pastel colored ones are sooo cute! I wanted to get the raspberry color!

  2. I think that these kinds of cameras are really cute but I will probably never buy one as I think that normal camera are just fine! The photos in your blog are lovely :)

    Sarah |

  3. omg I love your photos it's soo cute:):) I really want to get the pastel yellow fujifilm one day. Or like any of the pastel colors bc they are so pretty hehe.

  4. Our family had one of these kind of cameras when I was younger and I remember being fascinated about the photos being instantly printed & developed right in front of us. I actually have no idea what happened to it but I must as my mom about it x

    Beauty with charm

  5. That is so cool! I still get excited when it develops lol. Thanks for leaving a comment :-)

  6. I love these types of cameras and would love to have one! I get a bit too snap happy though so I'd probably use all the sheets pretty quickly! xo

  7. Lol! I'm trying so hard to not use up all of the film! I'm trying to save them for special moments or occasions.
    Thanks for leaving a comment!! :-)


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