Fjällräven Kåken in Graphite

Recently, I have been experiencing shoulder pain due to the "tote" bag that I use to carry around campus.
So I searched the web for a sturdy, water resistant, and light backpack that I can use for everyday.

I found this backpack from the Nordstrom website, and it caught my attention because I haven't heard about the Swedish brand Fjällräven. So then, I looked up the brand's website wanting to find out what their products were all about. From the website, it says that these backpacks were originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978 to help with back problems, and that it is made with a very durable fabric that will last a long time. Immediately I knew that this was the type of backpack that I need.
I ordered my Kånken classic backpack in the color Graphite (there are a ton of different colors on the Fjällräven website) from the Tyler's outdoor store website for $74.99. It took a bout 4 days to ship since I ordered it during Thanksgiving week. The wait was worth it though because I am pretty happy with my purchase. I think the size is perfect (especially for me since I am petite). The backpack is smaller compared to the Jansport backpacks but it's really amazing how much items you can fit in the Kånken. It has a boxy structure and it also has straps on the top so you can hold it like a tote bag or a purse which I think is a really unique feature. One  downside is that the straps are not padded. It might be a bit of a problem if you're carrying a heavy load. I tried carrying it with my 13" MacBook though and it was not bad.

Alien shirt // Brandy Melville

What are your backpack/bag essentials?

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