My Bedroom

A few days ago, my new bedroom furniture arrived. 
So, I thought I would share how I have started decorating my bedroom.

Hello! I have been gone for quite some time since college started and it literally consumed all of my time. I am taking all major subjects this semester, and I am already full of regrets. Taking physics, pre-calculus, English, and US history together was not a good idea. But anyway, I found some time today to update my long promised bedroom updates. I know it's almost a year since we moved, but literally I just got my new furniture a few days ago. It took a long time since I had to choose between getting a car or new furniture first. So yeah... 

For my bedroom, I have decided to go with a black, white, and metals theme. I have all white furniture except for my ladder bookshelf. I think b&w is such a flexible color combo for bedrooms since it's easy to change up the theme with those colors by adding little pops of color. For now, my pops of colors are teal and yellow. Perfect for spring!
I have a queen sized bed that occupies a huge space in my tiny bedroom. Seriously, I should've bought a smaller bed so I can have more space for more furniture... But anyway, I feel like my bed is too plain looking. I was thinking about putting some well decorations right above my bed. Like mirrored art pieces or something. What do you guys think? Also, my headboard is soon tall (well for me I think it is). I'm 5 feet tall and it's like around 5'2 I think. It looks really elegant and very classy.
Here is my bookshelf and my nightstand. I don't have a lot of books in my collection yet so I had to place some random stuff to fill the spaces. I tried organizing everything by color but I think it looks weird. I'll have to work on it more. Also, I updated my nightstand! I have a cute lamp now (finally). Still, going with the theme, I have gold accents on white furniture.

That is it for now. I'll post more updates when I change something in my room. 
What is your room's color theme? 



  1. I love home decor posts and don't see enough of these at all! Maybe you can pop some fairy lights on the headboard as well ? I love the ladder bookcase, it's so unique! xx

  2. Thank you! And yeah that's sounds like a good idea!


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