20 Things I've Done Before Turning 20

I turned 20 last July. It's crazy. I am not a teenager anymore, and the reality of being an adult is real.
(Oh and yes.. I cut my hair short!)

Here are 20 things that I have done in the past 20 years of my existence:

1. Traveled a lot.
2. Passed my driving test!
3. Learned my 3rd language (still working on it).
4. Was able to knit something.
5. Took photography and film classes.
6. Ran a marathon.
7. Attended college.
8. Flew first class.
9. Started creative writing.
10. Started an Instagram photo blog of my books.
11. Started a lifestyle blog.
12. Applied to architecture school.
13. Learned to love reading.
14. Lived in three different places.
15. Met new people and went out of my comfort zone.
16. Joined an art club.
17. Joined a street dance group in high school.
18. Dated but never been in love.
19. Danced ballet and performed in recitals.
20. Won first place in State.

These things might be really simple for some people. But these things are a huge deal for me. (I am an introvert and I tend to keep myself from unfamiliar situations.) However, looking at my list, I feel that I am way behind and that I have so many things that I have to do and experience. Now that I am twenty, I need to be out there. I need to be living my life to the fullest. I shouldn't be sitting around waiting for life to happen. As they all say, your 20s is the time to explore and to find yourself. 

I hope you are having an amazing day!
What are some things you really want to do that you haven't done?

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