I Shopped the Kids Section & Other Petite Girl Problems

Here's the situation... I absolutely dread going shopping. Being a 20 year old woman with a body of a 13 year old, limits my options when buying clothes and whatnot. Nothing from the women's section fits me perfectly!! Does anybody have the same struggle? It's so hard being petite!
Once a while my mom and I would go out and go clearance shopping. Most of the time, I would go straight to the X-Small to Small racks. But I figured why not try out the kids' section?! Recently, I've noticed that kids' clothing are so trendy right now. (Why did we not have trendy clothes when we were little?!)

My Top 6 Favorite Books of 2016

I know we're half way through January, but I've made this yearly round up a tradition on my blog. (Better late than never! 😁) Anyway, another year has passed and a collection of pages were flipped. Some books dug their way into my heart, and some books let me into a fun and emotional ride. The books I am about to mention are books that I read within 2016. They are not necessarily published in the year 2016. Also, this post is a mini review or just my general feelings and thoughts about each novel... Without further ado (in no particular order), here are my favorite books of 2016! (Whoa I said "2016" a lot. Oh and this is spoiler free!)

First Bookstagram Anniversary

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  • January 16, 2017

Last January 17, 2016 I started a "bookstagram" account, @PRINTSNPIXELS. It's a little community off of Instagram where bibliophiles share their passion for reading and collecting books.

The reason I joined the bookstagram community was to mainly have a free space to practice photography, to share my love of books, and to be a part of a welcoming community to drive me to read more books. Over the past year on bookstagram, I met a few people who I share the same interest with books, and some people who I have opposite interests who continues to inspire to step out of my reading comfort zone. I've met a lot of inspiring and talented people in this not-so-little book community who continue to influence me to strive for more, and to become better at what I do.

Life Update No7: Fresh Paint for the New Year

Happy 2017! I hope your holidays were filled with joy and amazing memories. I had a really good time spending time with my family and friends over the winter break, and bit sad that I'm not going back to college this semester (or indefinitely.. more on that later), but I am trying to feel optimistic about this new year.
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