First Bookstagram Anniversary

Last January 17, 2016 I started a "bookstagram" account, @PRINTSNPIXELS. It's a little community off of Instagram where bibliophiles share their passion for reading and collecting books.

The reason I joined the bookstagram community was to mainly have a free space to practice photography, to share my love of books, and to be a part of a welcoming community to drive me to read more books. Over the past year on bookstagram, I met a few people who I share the same interest with books, and some people who I have opposite interests who continues to inspire to step out of my reading comfort zone. I've met a lot of inspiring and talented people in this not-so-little book community who continue to influence me to strive for more, and to become better at what I do.

I'm not going to lie... I've had little bumps and hiccups along the road during my first year on bookstagram. I've encountered crazy book slumps that then lead to bookstagram slumps. Some bumps went on for over weeks and then months... But I would have to thank Rachael for continuously pushing me to channel my creative spirit! Thanks Rachael! 😁

Here are some of my favorite bookstagram accounts that you have to check out:
  1. Rachael // @rachaelrexds on Instagram; Rachael posts a variety of her favorites. Her favorite genre is fantasy, and her bookstagram feed is popping with different colors!
  2. Silke // @silkreads on Instagram; she posts clean and crisp photos of her book collection! Her collection mostly consists of classics, and collectible and beautiful copies of novels.
  3. Alexandra // @twirlingpages on Instagram; she is also a booktuber! Her photos are just so beautiful and her room is crazy pretty! She posts a variety of book genres, but she mostly posts young adult contemporary and fantasy.
  4. Belinda // @bookstorm on Instagram; Belinda is super creative with her bookstagram posts! She paints these cute little decors that are related to the book she's posting about. She's also a booktuber! 
  5. Alyxandria // @thebooksbuzz on Instagram; She posts clean and creative bookish photos. Her book reviews are so good, and she is soooo adorable. She is also a booktuber!

I have more favorite book accounts, but I would just go on and on and it would never end haha!

I look forward to another year of book hoarding, book reading, and book photoshoots! If you're into books and photography, I encourage you to try out bookstagram. It will make you want to read more and more books that your to-be-read list will be never ending! 

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Your content is always amazing! I love your blog too :-)


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