I Shopped the Kids Section & Other Petite Girl Problems

Here's the situation... I absolutely dread going shopping. Being a 20 year old woman with a body of a 13 year old, limits my options when buying clothes and whatnot. Nothing from the women's section fits me perfectly!! Does anybody have the same struggle? It's so hard being petite!
Once a while my mom and I would go out and go clearance shopping. Most of the time, I would go straight to the X-Small to Small racks. But I figured why not try out the kids' section?! Recently, I've noticed that kids' clothing are so trendy right now. (Why did we not have trendy clothes when we were little?!)

Anyway, I bought two kids items in two different stores. My color block sweater is from Gap Kids (size XL) and my berry colored pants are from Old Navy kids (size 12). I didn't really intend to make an outfit out of these two items, but I think it turned out cute. (Lol let's be honest. I look like I'm modeling for a kids store!!!) Oh, before I forget. My converse is also from the kids sizes (I'm wearing a size 3 in kids I think). I'm a size 5-6 in women's regular sizes, but I wanted to save a little money and go for the kids' sizes. Perks of being petite!!!

& Other Petite Girl Problems:

  1. If you're 5'3 and below, you know the struggle of finding the perfect jeans! Sometimes the "short" length isn't that short at all... Getting regular jeans altered is not cheap. Also, the fit isn't right most of the time. If you have skinny and short legs like I do, regular length pants/jeans (or even short pants/jeans) fits loose around your calves. 
  2. SLEEVE LENGTH. Always rolling up your sleeves...
  3. Tunic tops looks like a short dress on you.
  4. Armpit holes are always hanging too low.
  5. In group photos with your taller friends, you always try to stand on your tip toes just a little bit to sneak in a little bit of height. Also! Idk if it's just me, but some of my taller friends use my shoulders as an arm rest... 

If you're petite, I hope you found this blog post a bit relatable. Also, did I miss anything else from my "petite girl problems"? Let me know in the comments! 😁 

Thanks for reading!
(Also.. excuse the super awkward photos haha.)

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