Anxiety and Overthinking

(Writing is my therapy. In writing this, I am letting go of some negativity. I will probably rant about some stuff, so you've been warned haha!) Also shoutout to my girl Alanis for taking these photos! Your work is always amazing.
I'm probably one of the worst when it comes to overthinking everything. I always find myself thinking about the "what ifs" and just basically all the possibilities (mostly negative) that could happen no matter what the situation is. Recently, one of my friends made me take a personality test. (I've taken one in the past and I got INFJ.) So I took this new test and still got INFJ-T. The "T" stands for turbulent which means you're self-conscious and care too much about what other people think and feel about you. I scored 92% turbulent. Basically I'm an introverted mess

Recent events made me rethink and overthink (lol) about how I always care too much. Being an introvert, I get emotionally attached way too easily which is such a terrible thing!!! A simple compliment from a stranger at a store would stick, I can get attached to a dog if it licked my ankle (let's be honest, that's too cute)... But you know, it can get worse.. I can get attached to someone who randomly told me I was beautiful,  and even attached to someone who asked me out even if he totally "ghosted" me after a few days. Okay let's not talk about the details haha! I guess I saw a small glimmer of hope because I really try to believe that everybody is naturally good and I don't know... I felt so special?? It kinda sounds like I'm a fool now that I'm writing about it. 😬 I know we can't please everybody, but it's so hard to accept it sometimes.
In some cases, people overthink about "simple" situations like results of a test, and diving into unexplored territories... In my case, my biggest fear is the unknown. I tend to get really anxious about anything new because I'm too scared of failing or embarrassing myself. You might be already thinking how I'm such a huge mess hahaha. Anyway, I have to agree about what they say about the mind being really powerful. It can really build or destroy you, and it's up to you what you feed your mind. Although it's hard, (especially for people like me) but we have to deal it with.  Overthinking is like being trapped floating/falling down a bottomless pit. Sometimes you feel like there is no escaping it. But there are some ways to escape it! If you struggle with anxiety and overthinking, try releasing your stress. Try writing, working out, going offline, or talking to a close friend. Just distract yourself from whatever is making you anxious. I know your struggle. 

These photos were taken a few days ago. My friend invited me to go out, enjoy the weather, and do what we love to do - take photos. (Thanks Alanis!)

If you're feeling down, I am sending you love!
Thanks for reading this huge mess.

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